Designing a startup from scratch

We paired up with Dom Leca, ex Product manager at Google and co-founder of Sparrow, to help him design and build Stuart, a modern on-demand b2b delivery service. We designed the whole company from scratch, from iOS and Android apps to web interface and branding.

iOS and Android product design
Web application design and development
Company branding and marketing

Client app

We designed an intuitive interface for businesses to easily request a delivery with three simple steps. By iterating and prototyping quickly and working in close collaboration with all stakeholders, we were able to get to a winning design faster without spending months in research.


Driver app

We created a simple design that required the least amount of actions for a driver to accept a job, navigate from point A to B and get in touch with recipients in just one tap.

Companion web app for businesses

We designed and built a lightweight single-page application for businesses to request, track and manage deliveries. By understanding customer needs and current workflows in the industry, we created a familiar experience that made using the service incredibly simple.

stuart stuart

Delivery status on both web & mobile

Each customer order generates a unique link that can be shared with co-workers and clients. This way, all stakeholders can track delivery status in real-time. No login or signup required.



Stuart’s branding takes inspiration from what it means to be a delivery company. The logo represents both a delivery box, the outline corresponds to S as in Stuart, and also resembles the path taken when delivering a shipment.



The iconography builds on the ethos of a delivery path first seen in the Stuart logo. The icons aren’t fully connected to emphasize the path from A to B and are color-matched to communicate the status of a shipment. In total we designed over 30 beautiful customs icons for Stuart.

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New look, the same power