Welcome to our lab! Here we have fun, brainstorm and get creative without boundaries. We invent new products and communicate ideas through prototypes.


The effortless way to travel

In order to make finding and purchasing flight tickets less tedious, we flipped flight ticket search on its head. Instead of you finding tickets, tickets find you. Our solution to the problem is an iOS app that is both fun and simple to use. Rather than forcing travelers to actively search for cheap tickets, the app asks you three fundamental questions.

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An effortless way to travel
From idea to prototype in one week
iOS product design

Reinventing the native iOS stepcounter.

We utilize the unintuitive step counter that is already in peoples’ pockets by making it easier to comprehend with a user friendly interface, and more accessible via smart notifications. No more clumsy fitness gimmicks for the people!

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Minimum Lovable Product
Product strategy
Design & prototype

A procrastinator’s arch-enemy.

If you work from a computer, chances are you spend a big chunk of your time on tabs and apps that don’t help you get things done. Some experts claims that technology has grown so fast that it challenges our cognitive control system at its core. We set out to envision a tool that helps us stay focused. Our solution is an app that identifies which apps that distract us the most and breaks our habit by limiting access to those distractions. We call it Workplay.

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A mac application for balancing work and play
From idea to design in one week
A OS X menu bar application