Research made simple

We partnered up with one of the founding members of Vevo to design a fun, collaborative online research platform for a new generation of students. Meet edtwist.


  • Year 2015 to 2016
  • 4 month timeline
  • Branding Product design & development

A powerful integrated search plattform

We implemented a powerful search tool to make research simplified for students. By integrating premium libraries that are not accessible via Google, students could easily research and collaborate on topics without leaving the platform.

Card-based design system

We designed edtwist with a card-based design system. The simplicity of cards forced us to build a cohesive structure around all sorts of content, and allowed easy sharing of any card with just one click.

Rich editor on both web & mobile

Building a rich content editor that works on mobile and desktop is a tricky task, yet this is where users will spend most of their time. We approached this challenge by designing an experience that was both familiar, easy and accessible from any device.

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