Redesigning time tracking

Krister, Product Lead at Toggl, approached us in late 2015 to help redesign their powerful time tracking web app. We started by identifying the key areas of improvement, namely the navigation system and overall UI.


  • Year 2016 to 2017
  • +1 year partnership
  • Product redesign
Modified Image

Before & After

We simplified and restructured the app to ensure a great user experience and visual hierarchy, without stepping on exisitng users by reinventing the wheel where it wasn’t needed.

Navigating system

Given the existing product’s complexity, we prioritized and focused our time on different aspects of the app, beginning with the most glaring issue, navigation. We solved this by building a flexible and transparent side-bar navigation system that works across devices and screen sizes.

Simplifying the UI library

As a digital product age and new features are being introduced, its easy to stray away from a consistent design system. UI elements and interactions starts to look and feel different in every corner of the app, making it difficult for users to find the pages and features they look for. We started by getting a clear understanding of the entire app before implementing a new navigation system that works consistently throughout the app, across platforms. We also implemented a new visual language design system streamlines the process of adding in new features and pages, as all UI components look and feel consistent.

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